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Six Flags Magic Mountain, 2016

Suicide Squad was a scare zone experience created for Six Flags Magic Mountain in southern CA. 

Guests we immersed in the world of the DC anti-heroes using projection mapping, massive sets, custom sound, and live actors. A special show cycled every 5 minutes with fire, stunt performers, and projection to further add to the chaos. 

Role: Lead Production Designer and Art Director 






Logo design for the event.


Actual event photos.

Chinook POV

Rendering of the crashed Chinook set for Joker, Croc, and Katana.

Chinook Set

Actual event photos.

Harley Quinn Set

Actual event photos.

Crashed Plane Set

Actual event photos.

Fire Show POV

Rendering of the projection mapped show in DC universe.

Fire Show Set

Actual event photos.

Enchantress POV

Rendering for the projection mapped show on the Green Hornet ride building.

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